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Who are you?

We are J&K Business Machines LTD

We are a registered limited company and we have been trading in excess of 15 years. We are based in Ashford in Kent. Please see our about us page for more information.

We also have a sole sister company trading as ‘J & K Business Machines’ offering servicing contracts to our south and south east customers. Please see our servicing page for more information.

What do you do?

We purchase and sell ex-lease and repossessed photocopiers, laser printers and facsimile machines. We also provide servicing contracts to our south and south east customers, via our sister company, ‘J & K Business Machines’. Please see our servicing page for more details on our servicing.

What savings do you offer?

The savings we offer varies but generally we offer up to 95% savings on our machines. A Ricoh Aficio 1022 photocopier with standard specifications cost £12,000 + VAT when new. Our typical reselling price for this photocopier with standard specifications is £695.00 + VAT. You save a staggering 94% on its price when new.

Why are your prices so cheap, are they too good to be true?

No they are not although we can understand how people may think so. We purchase all of our machines in bulk direct from the leasing companies and bailiffs cutting out any middle man. This enables us to purchase machines at prices even we find hard to believe. This enables us to pass this saving on to you in the reselling price, it’s that simple

I am trade can I purchase from you?

Yes by all means we are happy to supply trade callers with both machines and spare parts.

Are your machines warranted?

All of our machines have previously been owned by companies and are used, we have no record of their history and therefore we cannot warranty any machine or any of its internal components. However the condition and functionality of all machines are thoroughly checked by us prior to reselling, if any defective parts are found they are replaced or repaired.

In the unlikely event of a machine you purchase from us developing a fault under normal operation and within a reasonable period of time after purchase, we will always do everything in our power to help you. This may involve you returning the photocopier to us and in some cases may incur a small charge.

In rare occasions where a machine has a slight defect which we are aware of and which does not affect the machines functionality we will always make the customer aware of the defect when offering the machine for sale and it will be reflected in its reselling price. This does not affect your statutory rights.

What condition are your machines in?

When we take delivery of new stock all machines are thoroughly cleaned. They are then checked by our service technicians. If any defective parts are found they are replaced or repaired. In general most of our machines are in as new condition as possible when we resell them.

It is important to note that these machines have previously been owned and used by companies and some machines may show signs of this. For instance a machine may show where a company sticker was once stuck on the casing, in the form of the case colour being a slightly lighter shade where the sticker has been.

In very rare instances where a machine’s previous location was in front of an office window, it may suffer From sun bleaching causing the case to ‘yellow’ but this is very rare and it will be reflected in the machines price. In this instance we would always advise you of this before offering you a machine in this condition for purchase.

How old are your machines?

This differs greatly. In some instances a machine may only be a few months old, especially if it is finance repossession. Other machines may be a few years old, this applies mainly to ex lease machines. Some of the machines we stock are now discontinued models.(In the case of Ricoh which we stock the most of, most machines are still available new From Ricoh for typically 5 years after their discontinuation date). We do not judge machines on age but on its legitimate copy count.

Do you refurbish your machines?

No, we do not normally refurbish our machines as standard but some of the machines we purchase have been refurbished by our suppliers. We only clean and check the functionality of the machines and replace or repair any defective parts. They are then wrapped in protective wrapping to keep them clean and dust free. Any machine not meeting our standards for reselling are either scrapped, or broken down for spare parts. We are able to refurbish machines at an extra charge if the customer wishes.

Are the machines ready for use on delivery?

In general yes they are. However where a photocopier has not been personally delivered by us, or personally collected by the customer, please note the following: Owing to the fragility of photocopiers we always recommend you arrange a basic service prior to operating the photocopier for the first time for piece of mind, and to avoid any damage which may be caused by a component becoming damaged, loose or dislodged in transit.

Do your machines come complete with toner?

Yes they do. When we purchase photocopiers and laser printers they are supplied to us with the toner cartridge which was installed in the machine when it was repossessed or returned after the leasing contract had expired. We supply the machines to you with this toner cartridge installed. In rare occasions where we take delivery of a machine without any toner being installed, we will install a toner cartridge prior to reselling the machine.

Do you sell to overseas customers?

Yes we sell machines to many overseas customers, both inside and outside of the EU. Machines which are sold to overseas customers will be transported in a container which is safely packed by us. Please note we only charge UK VAT on our machines and it is the responsibility of overseas customers to pay any import duties and taxes imposed by their country.

Do you charge VAT on your machines?

Yes we do. We are a VAT registered company and we are legally bound to charge VAT on all of our products and we will supply you with a VAT invoice. Overseas customers please note, we only charge UK VAT and any tax imposed by your country is your responsibility to pay.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do within a restricted area; please contact us for details of our delivery area. You are welcome to make a personal collection. You may choose to have the photocopier delivered by courier or on a pallet, although we strongly advise you against this. Please see our delivery page for full details of our delivery policies.