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Are you looking to lease a photocopier? Stop and read this first!

Are you looking to lease a copier?

Stop and read this first!

Here are a few questions that you should ask the supplier before you sign on that dotted line…


  1. Do they increase the cost per copy each year. Many copier companies increase the cost per copy by 15% per year. This certainly adds up over a 4/5 year contract.
  2. Do they set a minimum billing? Many copier companies set a minimum billing meaning you could be charged for copies you have not used.
  3. Is it a tiered billing? Some suppliers will only charge that nice low rate if your printable area is only 3% or less, anything over is charged at a higher rate. Often double the cost per copy you were originally quoted.
  4. Do they charge a connectivity fee?
  5. Do they charge firmware update fee?
  6. Do they charge toner postage fees?
  7. Is toner included?
  8. Is this a lease? How much are the lease payments, how much will you be paying for that photocopier over the term?
  9. If it is a lease, what happens at the end of the term? Do you get charged to have the copier removed?


We prefer to not hide all these extras into a contract, it’s a simple agreement that you are not tied to.

We have been trading since 1991, and we are so proud to say we have customers that have stayed with us ever since the early nineties.

I think they stay with us because we provide an honest service, we do not sneak price increases and added fees in to our agreement.

To find out more, or you are just looking for some advice, please contact us at J&K Business Machines Ltd – 01233 668309

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