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Photocopiers are very delicate pieces of machinery which can be easily damaged in transit if not transported properly. We are experienced in transporting photocopiers and we know how to do it safely and without causing damage.

For this reason we strongly recommend that we deliver photocopiers to the customers required location, if it is within our delivery area. In addition to its safe transit; we will be able to install and give an on site demonstration if we delivery the machine to you.

We do not advise the customer to have photocopiers delivered by a courier service as our experience shows us that they are likely to be damaged during transit. If we are not able to deliver to you we would strongly recommend you personally collecting the machine. Please contact us to see if we are able to deliver to your location.

All delivery charges are dependent on the customers location, please ask regarding charges when ordering. We will only deliver to downstairs locations; it is the customers responsibility to arrange assistance to move the photocopier to an upstairs floor if it is required.

Customers who have no option other than a courier delivery:

  • Are advised to arrange this service yourself with a courier of your choice.
  • We strongly advise that you take out insurance with the courier to cover the event of transit damage.
  • We cannot and do not take any responsibility for transit damage to any machine when delivered by a courier service.
  • No refund, repair costs or free repair will be given when a machine is damaged in courier transit, it is the responsibility of the customer to claim this From the courier if a suitable insurance has been taken out.
  • To cover the event of damage you are advised to arrange a full service by a qualified service engineer before operating the photocopier for the first time after taking delivery from a courier.

As previously said we recommend you make a personal collection if we are not able to deliver to your area. In most cases hiring a van for a day is more cost effective then a courier delivery with insurance and the photocopier is less likely to suffer transit damage.

Personal collections are by appointment only to ensure someone is here to assist you in the loading and correct securing of the photocopier. You are advised to use a suitable size vehicle when making a personal collection, an estate car at minimum but preferably a van. Its size is best if it is sufficient to hold the photocopier when standing in an upright position. A transit van or similar is quite suitable for this.

We will help you load the photocopier and assist you in the correct securing of the photocopier. You are advised to have strapping to secure the photocopier for transit. We will wrap the photocopier in protective wrapping to protect it in transit.

Overseas customers please note the following:

  • We are happy to export to countries both inside and outside of Europe.
  • Machines will be transported in a container and will be loaded safely and securely by us.
  • We only charge United Kingdom VAT on our machines and it is your responsibility to pay any additional tax and import duties which may be imposed by your country