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Are you looking to lease a photocopier? Stop and read this first!

Are you looking to lease a copier?

Stop and read this first!

Here are a few questions that you should ask the supplier before you sign on that dotted line…


  1. Do they increase the cost per copy each year. Many copier companies increase the cost per copy by 15% per year. This certainly adds up over a 4/5 year contract.
  2. Do they set a minimum billing? Many copier companies set a minimum billing meaning you could be charged for copies you have not used.
  3. Is it a tiered billing? Some suppliers will only charge that nice low rate if your printable area is only 3% or less, anything over is charged at a higher rate. Often double the cost per copy you were originally quoted.
  4. Do they charge a connectivity fee?
  5. Do they charge firmware update fee?
  6. Do they charge toner postage fees?
  7. Is toner included?
  8. Is this a lease? How much are the lease payments, how much will you be paying for that photocopier over the term?
  9. If it is a lease, what happens at the end of the term? Do you get charged to have the copier removed?


We prefer to not hide all these extras into a contract, it’s a simple agreement that you are not tied to.

We have been trading since 1991, and we are so proud to say we have customers that have stayed with us ever since the early nineties.

I think they stay with us because we provide an honest service, we do not sneak price increases and added fees in to our agreement.

To find out more, or you are just looking for some advice, please contact us at J&K Business Machines Ltd – 01233 668309

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fully serviced photocopiers for sale at a fraction of the cost of new

fully serviced photocopiers for sale at a fraction of the cost of new.


J&K Business machines offer fully serviced Ricoh photocopiers and offer great savings.

Our team of highly experienced copier engineers spend many hours stripping down photocopiers and giving them a good service.

They are then ready to sell with the option of a service agreement.

Our service agreements include all callouts, labour, parts and toner.

What our service does not include, is annual price increases, admin fees, toner postage costs, firmare update fees and all the other hidden extra costs you often find in copier contracts.

So what do you get for your hard earned money?

We sell fully serviced photocopiers that had an R.R.P of £5000.00 for as little as £600.00

We offer service agreements for many areas in the South East such as Kent and many areas in London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

We have been offering this service since 1991, and we are proud to say we have had returning customers that have been with us from the start.

The photocopiers may have changed over the years, but our excellent service has not.

If you are interested in finding out how you could be saving ££££s please get in touch.

You can call us on 01233668309, or email us on [email protected]

We are here to help wherever possible.

But how can we sell these copiers so cheap you may ask?

Photocopiers are a lot like cars, the day they pull off the forecourt, they lose a large chunk of value, but it does not mean that just because it has done a few miles that it is good for the scrapheap.

This applies to photocopiers also, photocopiers plummet in price once thay have a few miles on the clock, or in copier terms, copy clicks on the counter.

We take used copiers and fully service them, replacing parts when necessary. Bringing their reliability up to when they were new.

Call us today on 01233 668309.

J&K Business Machines ltd.


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dispose recycle or sell my photocopier copier

Dispose recycle or sell my photocopier copier.


Are you looking to dispose of your photocopier?

Are you looking to recycle your copier?

Are you looking to sell your copier?

If so, then give J&K Business Machines Ltd a call on 01233 668309.

There are many makes and models of photocopying machines that we purchase.

If you provide is with the following information, we may be able to give you a quote as to what we would pay for your used office equipment.

What are the make and models of your photocopiers?

Do they work?

Where is the copier located? Please provide a postcode.

Are there any stairs or steps involved with removing the copier from your premises?

We have starclimbing equipment available.


We are a team of engineers that inject a new lease of life in to photocopiers and send them back out in to the field to work another day. Some of the newer models are fully serviced and placed back in to the UK market, and some of the older models are partially serviced and exported to countries that appreciate the older models.

This eliminates uneccessary waste.

Provides affordable solutions to businesses that would prefer not to tie themselves into hefty 5 year leases. These companies also benefit from the optional service agreement that means we will service the copier for years to come.

We offer service agreements that are very different from all other maintenance contracts.

We do not increase the cost per copy by 15% each year for a start!

We do not add all the perculier added costs into the contract such as toner postage fees, admin fees, connectivity charges, firmware update fees.

We keep things simple, we do not hide extra costs, there are no nasty suprises.

Anyway, I have gone off track, this blog is about us potentially buying your old copier.

You could end up with money in the bank and a clear concience that your copier has not ended up in landfill. Win Win!

so do not delay, call us today on 01233668309


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photocopier error fix copier repair printer

Photocopier error fix copier repair printer

Do you have a copier that has an error?

Not sure what it means?

Not sure how to fix your photocopier or printer?

Why not give J&K Business Machines a call on 01233 668309, we may be able to help you.

We specialise in Ricoh photocopiers, but have some knowledge on some other makes also.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix your copier over the phone, but it is possible, and we do not charge for the advice that is given, and our phoneline is not a premium line, so only standard call rates apply.

some copier errors can be fixed by simply pressing a series of buttons, some faults can be rectified by simply using a clean cloth.

Alternatively, if you think your photocopier is now at a stage where it is far too old and problematic, and you are looking to replace it at very low cost, we can also help.

We sell fully serviced used photocopiers at a mere fraction of the cost of new.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers that fully service the high quality copiers, and offer an ongoing service agreement if you require one. This is subject to your location.

But you may be wondering what you will do with your old faulty copier?

We can remove and dispose of your copier free of charge if you purchase one of our high quality low price copiers.

You could also be concerned about how to install a new copier printer, well, our delivery guy can install the printer for you, he can also give a clear demonstration on how to use the copier.

But before we get to this point, lets see if we can get another bit of life out of your copier, we believe in getting the most out of what you have, and if we can fix this free of charge for you, we hope that one day, when you do need an upgrade, you will remember us and give us a call on 01233 668309.


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Do you have an office based in kent? Looking for a great deal on a photocopier? call J&K Business Machines ltd.

Do you have an office based in Kent? Lookig for a great deal on a copier? Call J&K Business Machines ltd on 01233 668309, or email us [email protected]

We have many photocopier printers in stock that we fully service to a high standard, then we resell these at a fraction of the cost of new.

But you are probably wondering if you can still have a maintenance agreement on a used photocopier?

The answer is yes you can.

We offer service agreements on all of our fully serviced photocopiers.

These service agreements can be applied to copiers that you have purchased from us if you are based in Kent.

We also cover most of London, Essex, Surrey and east Sussex.

Our service agreements include all toners, parts, callouts and toner.

This is based on a cost per copy.

Call or email J&K Business machines today to find out more.

01233 668309 [email protected]


We have many different types of businesses and companies that use our services.

Schools, Churches, offices, estate agents, solicitors, magic shops, Construction, waste management, nurserys, care homes, transport companies, jewellers, cleaning companies, taxi firms, rail companies, Business support companies, tattooists, chilled food organisations, doctors surgeries, security providors, newsagents, cyber cafes, clubs, foundations, parish councils, surgeries, nursing partners, haulage, lettings agencies, motor trade, travel groups, mechanics, hotels, kitchen fitters, body shops, insurance companies, safety and management, carpentry, surveyors, print shops. The list goes on.

This is just some of the customers that are using, and have been using our services over many years.

These customers only ever need to give one months notice to cancel their agreement, but they don’t, and I think the reason for this is because we give exceptional photocopier service and outstanding value for money.








black and white







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copiers, printers, scanners photocopiers crazy low prices

copiers, printers, scanners photocopiers and mfps at crazy low prices.

We have another big batch of copiers that will be making their way to our warehouse, so our photocopier engineers are at the ready to get servicing.

We have a large cluster of photocopiers that will meet the tightest of budgets.

We have Ricoh MP2000’s black and white copiers coming in that we will be selling fully tested working great for just £150 + vat each.

We have the Ricoh MP c2050’s and the MP C2550’s that produce stunning colour copy quality for Just £495 + vat.

We have our latest range that is the Ricoh Aficio MPC3003s that are selling faster than we can service them, and we are completing our customers happiness with the offer of a fabulous service agreement.


To sum up this glorious Wednesday, We are having a blast here at J&K Business machines ltd.

Lots going on keeping us busy.

Excellent feedback from our customers.

call us today on 01233 668309 so you can start saving ££££s

or email us on [email protected]


visit us at

J&K Business machines ltd

Unit 7

Heron business Centre

Henwood Industrial Estate



TN24 8DH

01233 668309


photocopiers, printers, copiers, copies, copying, printing, scanner, scanning, staple finisher, staples, stapling, booklet, toner, copier parts, photocopier engineer.


Areas We cover –












St Leonards









East sussex


In fact, we cover many areas, so please contact us today and see if we cover your area.

We have a team of highly experienced photocopier engineers that take pride in servicing the copiers to a high standard.

so contact us today and we could have a fully serviced copier delivered to you by the end of the week.

thanks for taking time to read.


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refurbished photocopiers for sale

Photocopiers for sale


We have a fantastic batch of Colour Ricoh Aficio MP C3003 photocopier, printer, scanners that have  come to our workshop ready to be fully refurbished so we can sell them at a fraction of the cost of new.


These copiers are for sale with the added bonus of having the optional service agreement.


Hurry whilst stock lasts.

We are selling these fabulous multifuntional devices at trade prices, a bargain not to be missed.

The Ricoh MPC3003 is a strong, sturdy machine that will perform well in a busy office environment.

The Ricoh mentioned is configured as per below.


Ricoh Aficio MP C3003

Full Colour

Black and white

30 pages per minute


Network print

Scan to email

USB and SD ports

Document Feeder





Large easy to use touch screen operation panel

All of this for just £1295.00 + vat for the months of April/May while stocks last.


We offer service agreements if the machine is to be located within our service area.

This area covers most of Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East sussex.

We also offer a delivery and installation service.

Call us today on 01233 668309

or you can email us on [email protected]

J&K Business Machines are the photocopier specialists that will not let you down.



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spring clean- clear out your unused photocopiers. photocopier disposal removal

its that time of year, when we like to de-clutter our homes, well now is aslo a good time to de-clutter your office.

Do you have any unused photocopiers that are gathering dust?

Not sure what to do with it?

give j&K business machines ltd a call on 01233 668309.

We buy used photocopiers, we may want to buy yours!

We require the following information –

What is the make?

What is the model number?

Does it work?

Where is the copier?

What town/City?

Are there any stairs to contend with if we were to come and remove the photocopier?

Once we have this information, we can let you know if we wish to buy your redundant copier.

Please get in touch today with the above information.

Why pay to have your copier taken away when we may possibly pay you.



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photocopiers copiers printers scanners mfps

Very exciting changes here at J&K Business Machines LTD.

New ownership. New Directors. New Deals. New offers.

We have been working very hard this year to fine tune the workings of our successful photocopier company.

With cexcellent customer service at the forefront of our agenda.

We have been exceptionally proud that we have had the loyalty of our customers over the years, some have been with us since 1991! We have made it our aim to continue and improve our customer support system.

Word has obviously got around about our service, we have had a lovely flurry of new customers, and we want to ensure they receive the best service for their photocopiers, copiers, printers, mfps that the industry can offer.

Call us today if you are interested in buying or renting a refurbished copier.

01233 668309.

or email – [email protected]

And one of our highly experienced team will be able to help.

photocopiers for sale

printers for sale

copiers for sale

service agreements

maintenance agreements

service contracts

maintenance contracts

copier repairs

photocopier repairs

printer repairs

fix my copier

we offer woderful easy to understand service agreements, we do not hide added fees into our contracts, we keep things simple. We tell you what the cost per copy is, and thats it, no hidden extras. Our service agreements include all callouts, parts, toner and telephone support.

We have hundreds of very happy customers that continue to use us because we are honest, reliable, affordable and keen to go the extra mile.

J&K Business machines have lasted the distance where other copier companies have failed.

We believe this is because our agreements are crystal clear. No hidden extras. We have saved our customers thousands over the years, and we will continue to do so.

If you would like to call us to chat about your photocopier printer scanner needs, call us on 01233 668309 and we will gladly talk you through your options.


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photocopier special offer sale

photocopier special offer sale.

We have a selection of Ricoh MP2852sp photocopiers in stock that we are selling at crazy low prices.

We are offering fully serviced Ricoh MP2852sp’ that come fully equiped to copy, print, and can scan in colour,

These are laser printers that are extremely good value.

Very robust.

easy to use.

These are black and white copier printers with the capability of scanning in colour.

We are selling these whilst stocks last for just £700 + vat.

The price includes free delivery and set up to any destination within 40 miles of TN248DH,

If you wish for the copier to be delivered further afield, please contact us on 01233 668309 for a quote.

This model is a stylish black and white multifunctional that can handle A3 papers. It is packed with advanced and cost-effective features. You can copy, print via USB and network scan. All this comes in a compact package. This model has the smallest footprint in its range. It has a short warm-up time and fast printing speeds. It has standard duplexing and colour scanning. It has a wide media handling capability and high paper capacity. It is also affordable.


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